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Salmon with cream cheese sauce

Eating carnivore does not mean your fish has to be bland! First of all, this sauce is so simple to make it feels weird writing a recipe for it. But it's tangy flavor is the perfect addition to fish such as salmon.

A lot of fish recipes include lemon or some other sour taste to complement the fish, but in this recipe, that's achieved with the cream cheese.



- 4 ounces cream cheese

- 1/2 cup chicken stock

- salt

- pepper (optional)


- Add all ingredients to a small spot and whisk at medium heat until combined and creamy.


This sauce would be a great addition to chicken or any fish but I prepared it with salmon.

Since I had very thin salmon fillets, I cooked them by heating my cast iron pan to medium high heat and then adding some butter. Once melted, I seared the fillets for about a minute on each side.

For a thicker fish fillet you can use an oven-sear technique like for steaks. In an oven safe pan, sear at medium high heat for a couple minutes on each side, then immediately transfer to your oven pre-heated to 425 degrees for 6-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillet.

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